By Marie-Piere Belisle-Kennedy, lifestyle journalist & owner of 5 Star Communications www.5starcom.ca Copyright 2015. The yoga mats are rolled away, the friendly hugs, the smiling nods in Namaste… But what do we take really away? Still on a mountain air high … Continued

Top speakers on Canadian soil, thanks to I am Genie foundation

It is not every day that we are given the opportunity to attend world-class inspirational speakers’ presentations right here in Ottawa. With the mission to change the world one granted wish at a time, the people behind the I am Genie … Continued

We’re off the see the wizards, the wonderful wizards of O…

“We are LIVE in 30 seconds around the world!” said the deep manly voice on the intercom, to our frenzied crowd of 8500 Oprah disciples. Immediately erupted the loudest cheers, screams and applause not heard since Elvis sang All shook … Continued

Words to live by and the energy they carry

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Speaking of energy we bring forward as we interact with the world, our words often represent our best ambassadors especially in this digital age where thousands of messages are fired off instantly without meaningful intention. I thought it was perfect … Continued