Quelques commentaires de nos clients…

« Merci pour tout!!! Tu es hyper efficace! Je suis très contente de travailler en collaboration avec toi. » Marie-Hélène Paquin, Tourisme Outaouais

« Wow, quelle efficacité et rapidité! Mille mercis Marie-Piere! Toujours aussi professionnelle...c'est un réel plaisir de travailler sur nos projets avec toi! »

« Merci Marie-Piere!!! Excellent service à recommander à tous nos amis… mais nous tenons à te garder juste pour nous! » - José Lafleur, Tourisme Outaouais

« Comme d’habitude tu es géniale et si rapide…quel service!! » M. Trottier, Le Nordik

« Salut Marie, Merci pour ta rapidité légendaire! » D. Gingras, Le Nordik

« Merci mon éternel sauveur !!! » D. Pelletier, 24 Heures, 24 Hours, Ottawa Sun

« Un gros, gros, gros merci et un aussi gros WOW pour l'extraordinaire travail de révision que tu as fait! Et si vite! » C.B.

« Quelle écriture juste et vivante, et quel esprit d'analyse! Tu as su trouver et dire en peu de mots tous les éléments importants. Alors encore une fois, merci, je suis encore toute impressionnée! » - A. Boutin. Traductrice-conseil principale, Bureau de la traduction

« Je tenais à te remercier énormément pour l’excellent travail. Merci d’avoir contribué à réaliser cette section. Tous mes clients ont confirmés qu’ils aimaient leur éditorial et que tu étais très professionnelle. »
-Julie, 24 Heures/Ottawa Sun

« Compte tenu de l’excellent travail que tu as accompli lors de la traduction du dossier technique pour les Jeux du Canada, j’en appelle une fois de plus à tes compétences. Nous savons que nous pouvons te faire confiance. »
-R. Leduc, Loisirs Laurentides

« Je vais te dire que tu m’impressionnes pas mal! Wow! C’est super ça! Je m’empresse de faire circuler tes textes dans le bureau pour que tout le monde sache qui téléphoner pour des besoins de traduction marketing! » R. Côté

“Everything is perfect. That’s what you get working with a pro like you! Thanks for all your help.” K.C.

“Thank you so much for your hard work Marie-Piere. You don't know how much this means to me. You saved our timeline!”
-C.B., Timberland USA

“Hello, Marie, I received your information from a colleague and understand that you are the best in the industry.” M.E.

“Thank you for getting these done so quickly. They look great—Be assured that if we need any translations done in the future that we will be calling on you!” J.E., UTC

“Thank you Marie—as long as there are some attentive people like you proofreading the manual everything will be all right. We are always happy about your inputs. And I am going to do some "name dropping" at the office for you. We are really very satisfied with all the things you are doing for us and I love to work with you because it always puts me in good mood. Doris K.

What our clients have to say…

“We are so thankful for your commitment and quick response and that you handle our queries between your many other projects – you are truly the best.”
Ulli Unterbeger, international marketing, Tyrolia, Austria

“We chose 5 Star Communications for our French translations to properly translate all packaging/POP etc. Marie-Piere is very experienced and understands the difference between literal translations and getting our message/meaning across. She also knows how to minimize translation for packaging/labeling so as to keep the look clean and not like a billboard. Her credentials speak for themselves!” – Rick Baetz, NEW ERA CAP

“The article was terrific, thanks so much for including me! You did a great job. Hope we can do something together again… perhaps something in your October issue for my book launch.” – Nathalie Maclean (world’s top wine writer and best selling author)

"Wow! Marie-Piere, the piece is perfect! You are so good at writing and giving the reader a taste of being there. Congratulations and continued success on getting all your good work published!" - Nadja Piatka, CEO. - Ultimate Girls Getaway/Nadja Foods

“Thank you for the great work and quick turnaround” – Paul Lavigne, Source for sports

“M-P, Thanks for your superfast work! Everything is perfect! THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!!!” - H. Tschida - Tyrolia

“Thank you Marie-Piere, I am very happy with your work. We will definitely use you again, your speed and overall service were a great help.” A. Lewicki, Sheraton Ottawa Hotel

“You are a goddess!!! I adore working with you... thanks so much for such a quick turn-around.” K. A., OKD design

“I am very happy with your professionalism, and I certainly appreciate your sense of humour – I don’t know how you did it, but I’m very happy you managed to get through it without pulling all of your hair out!” M. B., Brandspark

 "We are so lucky to always be able to count on you. Don't let anyone here take you for granted - the truth is we would be lost without you!" B. McCarthy

"I have no doubt you could write for anybody. It's just in your blood. Keep up the good work kiddo!" Ron P.

"In case I haven't told you already, YOU ARE THE BEST!" - Tom Andersen



Liste des principaux clients  /  Main client portfolio

Sports&leisure -Sports et loisirs

Travel, Tourism, Lifestyle -Tourisme-bien-être

Others - Divers 

  • BrandSpark International - surveys and branding
  • Bark & Fitz for your dog
  • Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP (Annual retreat)
  • Dole Foods
  • OK&D design group, Burlington Ont.
  • GENTEK Building products (windows, siding, etc)
  • Performance tire manufacturers (Michelin, Toyo, Goodyear)
  • Groupe Demers
  • Gestion Integra
  • Pulp and Fiber design and web
  • ...and many ad agencies/graphic design firms for their clients 

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