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Harvesting loyalty by planting integrity

Recently we had the chance to visit one of our favourite places in the US, the beautiful town of Stowe, Vermont. What keeps us coming back for almost 18 years now is the heart warming welcome from the innkeepers, and the time they invest in catching up with us year after year about their family, […]

Oh the good life…

In life, there are only two choices… Either you make progress, or you make excuses. These words stare at me daily from my office wall, gently haunting me every time I want to delay an action or decision. I am reminded that if today did not bring anything new, it will have been for a […]

Attempting the ridiculous leads to the miraculous

If not miracles, I believe thinking out of the box often leads to unforeseen decent results. This is what the world needs now to solve the oil spill which is really a global problem, not just one company’s failure but an entire industry’s and eco-system we are all a part of. May the curious, odd […]

Energize your networking

Office parties, Client appreciation days, professional association holiday cocktails, … ‘Tis the season for networking and getting a leg up securing next year’s contracts and being ready for opportunities. Cheers! I just mailed my Christmas cards and sent a few token gifts to cherished clients and partners, without whom I wouldn’t be here. Much gratefulness […]

Sisters are doing it for themselves…1-2-3!

There was a time…when they used to say, that behind every great man, there had to be a Great Woman. Well those times may still be true (if he’s lucky), but that woman is also busy running her own career goals, personal aspirations, keeping in touch with her girlfriends, taking care of her family, inspiring others, […]

Since when is good Karma a “Secret”?

Where did October go? No matter how crazy our life  gets, it is always the perfect month for good deeds. Our Chelsea RepFest group donated $500 for the local kids with the proceeds of the last sample sale so thanks to everyone who came out, and this month is also Cancer awareness month. A colleague and a friend’s mom are both battling a form Leukemia and […]

Are you on par?

I am currently working on a book with a long time friend of mine, and with two busy entrepreneurs’ schedules to coordinate, it is no easy task to stay on target with our writing and editing assignments. We are both really dedicated to offering this book of insights to others from all walks of life, since it is […]

Sources of inspiration

Hello, hope you are still working on your summer memories before the first red leaf…♥ Thanks for the feedback on my last post, proof that many of you are aiming high to achieve balance, not just success for its own sake! This summer I was fortunate to be inundated with new requests for proofing and translation […]

Balance your work life with your real life

Do you ever feel like your business has a life of its own? Some days it feels like micro organisms, others it’s more like the underworld… You may be an entrepreneur, but really, Who’s running who here? Today I wanted to share some tips on how to make sure your many priorities don’t swallow you whole and how […]

The official Staycation… turned daycation!

At the beginning of 2009, I had earmarked the first week of July to take time off and recharge with my busy travelling husband, also a borderline workaholic entrepreneur. I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to my regular clients who gave me their blessing, and also thank those who kept sending writing assignments with the tag line “I know […]