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Energize your networking

Office parties, Client appreciation days, professional association holiday cocktails, … ‘Tis the season for networking and getting a leg up securing next year’s contracts and being ready for opportunities. Cheers! I just mailed my Christmas cards and sent a few token gifts to cherished clients and partners, without whom I wouldn’t be here. Much gratefulness […]

Sisters are doing it for themselves…1-2-3!

There was a time…when they used to say, that behind every great man, there had to be a Great Woman. Well those times may still be true (if he’s lucky), but that woman is also busy running her own career goals, personal aspirations, keeping in touch with her girlfriends, taking care of her family, inspiring others, […]

Are you on par?

I am currently working on a book with a long time friend of mine, and with two busy entrepreneurs’ schedules to coordinate, it is no easy task to stay on target with our writing and editing assignments. We are both really dedicated to offering this book of insights to others from all walks of life, since it is […]

Sources of inspiration

Hello, hope you are still working on your summer memories before the first red leaf…♥ Thanks for the feedback on my last post, proof that many of you are aiming high to achieve balance, not just success for its own sake! This summer I was fortunate to be inundated with new requests for proofing and translation […]

The official Staycation… turned daycation!

At the beginning of 2009, I had earmarked the first week of July to take time off and recharge with my busy travelling husband, also a borderline workaholic entrepreneur. I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to my regular clients who gave me their blessing, and also thank those who kept sending writing assignments with the tag line “I know […]

The Ultimate Girls Getaway…

PJs and Pearls What better way to celebrate friendship than to join 100 other like-minded women on a week-end retreat? This is just what  offered, and did it ever deliver! Kicking off with founder Nadja’s signature Pajama Party on Friday night in Château Montebello, the week-end included 5 star gourmet meals, wine tasting with a top […]

The power of positive energy

Samantha for Obama – Feb19 in Ottawa The thrill of being on Parliament Hill last Thursday is still hard to put into words. Despite the heavy security, thousands of cheerful and peaceful Obama admirers joined together to welcome the new era to Canada. Never before has the energy been so charged with optimism, and I […]

Signs of the times…are good!

Welcome back to our cherished American clients who shared their new projects for Spring 09! Ask not what the US can do for us, but what WE can do for the US! We hope to proactively contribute to your full recovery, while learning to respect everyone’s limits (including mother earth’s). Our dear friends at Timberland […]

A healthy mind needs a healthy body!

So is January living up to your expectations? Raising the bar is what we need to do to ensure we deliver quality results while living our best life. Being a lifestyle writer gave me a leg up on this balancing act, recently interviewing some of the most respected athletes, health experts in the country and […]

Careful what you wish for, for 2009!

Time to evaluate your satisfaction with your business and your life overall, because you get a clean slate once a year to start over and make it right! I often say “careful what you wish for” since most of our verbalized or written expectations have come true in some form or another. I like to rate […]