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By Marie-Piere Belisle-Kennedy, lifestyle journalist & owner of 5 Star Communications Copyright 2015. The yoga mats are rolled away, the friendly hugs, the smiling nods in Namaste… But what do we take really away? Still on a mountain air high from spending the last three days as a reporter at the world-acclaimed Wanderlust Festival in […]

Top speakers on Canadian soil, thanks to I am Genie foundation

It is not every day that we are given the opportunity to attend world-class inspirational speakers’ presentations right here in Ottawa. With the mission to change the world one granted wish at a time, the people behind the I am Genie foundation, Joshua Dawson and his crew, are setting out to do just that. When Dawson’s […]

We’re off the see the wizards, the wonderful wizards of O…

“We are LIVE in 30 seconds around the world!” said the deep manly voice on the intercom, to our frenzied crowd of 8500 Oprah disciples. Immediately erupted the loudest cheers, screams and applause not heard since Elvis sang All shook up. Wooooohoooo! Talk about a Big O in Toronto last Monday April 16, 2012 and […]

Goal setting this week: Giving back and not giving up!

For many of us today, trying to manage our online life with our real time life can create a case of multiple personalities. Should I be wittier on Twitter to get retweeted more or is replying to everyone enough? Should I show more face time on Facebook for my friends and their friends of friends? […]


That perfect purple sparkly dress and shoes, Oprah shines on -by Marie-Piere Belisle Kennedy, writer and owner of 5 Star Communications. LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE “I just love saying I am in Ottawaaaaa! Oprah in Ottawa sounds good, no?” said the queen of all media, as she sparkled on the Scotia Bank Place stage in […]

Sisters are doing it for themselves…1-2-3!

There was a time…when they used to say, that behind every great man, there had to be a Great Woman. Well those times may still be true (if he’s lucky), but that woman is also busy running her own career goals, personal aspirations, keeping in touch with her girlfriends, taking care of her family, inspiring others, […]

Are you on par?

I am currently working on a book with a long time friend of mine, and with two busy entrepreneurs’ schedules to coordinate, it is no easy task to stay on target with our writing and editing assignments. We are both really dedicated to offering this book of insights to others from all walks of life, since it is […]

Sources of inspiration

Hello, hope you are still working on your summer memories before the first red leaf…♥ Thanks for the feedback on my last post, proof that many of you are aiming high to achieve balance, not just success for its own sake! This summer I was fortunate to be inundated with new requests for proofing and translation […]

The Ultimate Girls Getaway…

PJs and Pearls What better way to celebrate friendship than to join 100 other like-minded women on a week-end retreat? This is just what  offered, and did it ever deliver! Kicking off with founder Nadja’s signature Pajama Party on Friday night in Château Montebello, the week-end included 5 star gourmet meals, wine tasting with a top […]

It’s official

Looks like the Ski Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be another success this spring, scheduled for April 16th, 2009. Congratulations to this year’s roast of talent, including ski legend Shaun Fripp, Piotr Jelen (famous coach of Mélanie Turgeon and countless World Cup athletes), TV star Chris Robinson, and none other than Wayne Wong, inventor of […]